Benefit of Sorrow and Pain in Spiritual Evolution



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 Benefit of Sorrow and Pain in Spiritual Evolution


Worldly Journey v/s Spiritual Journey


Self-Awareness is spirituality and watching the watched is the worldly journey. When you watch the watcher, you evolve from your limited self to infinite Self. This Self is the totality of existence which contains everything within; it contains the creator, creating process and the whole creation. This Self is actual God, Infinite, Eternal and the Ultimate of all ultimates. Nothing lies beyond this.


Outward Consciousness v/s Inward Consciousness


In our daily course of life we are always focused outward. When our consciousness is engrossed in outside reality most of the time, we are at the lower level of our consciousness. When we are utterly biologically happy, most probably we are unconscious of ourselves in that moment of hormonal happiness. But, when we are in grief and sorrow because of emotional and physical pain, diseases, financial and social insecurity etc., we get the opportunity to understand the limitations of outside world and all material things.


Significance of Sorrow, Misery and Pain in Spiritual Growth

This sorrow, misery and pain propel us to look back inside ourselves. And if we are intelligent enough, we finally begin our inner journey to delve into the infinite world of consciousness. Though because of our limited intelligence we crave to remain engaged in our outside reality and try to preserve our outer world and when we fail to do so, then finally either we accept our misery as our destiny; or if we are intelligent enough, we try to explore the deeper truth of our inner and outer existence. If it happens, then the same sorrow and misery enhances our sensibility and perceptibility enabling us to realize the ocean of infinite bliss inside our own being.


Reality of Worldly Happiness


In this course of exploration of truth we realize that all outside happiness are firstly hormonal, limited and shallow and most importantly based on certain conditions. When this condition changes, then our perception results in mental and emotional turbulence. When we realize the limitations of our mental realm i.e. the outside world, and if we succeed to delve into the world of higher consciousness, we discover the true treasure of our existence i.e. the infinite eternal field of supreme-consciousness.


Once we realize this divine realm of super-consciousness, we realize the ultimate infinite and eternal bliss, joy and freedom for which we are no more dependent on any outside reality. This treasure is within us. We don’t even need to go to temple or church to beg for our happiness to man invented god and goddesses. Now we are free; utterly and truly free. The whole sky of joy, exuberance, bliss and beatitude is totally ours.




From the above explained description you should not conclude that for the realization of higher consciousness, misery and sorrow is essential. No! Misery and sorrow just forces you to have a break from the outer world and go inside your being. If you are intelligent enough, then you go for the exploration of deeper truth of the existence even when you are not facing any serious problems in life.


So, if there is any grief, sorrow or problem in your life, take benefit of this situation. Go for the inner journey to the self and find out the treasure of infinite eternal divine bliss. Just discover and realize your true self, the true essence of the existence.


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