Evolution of Love to Divinity



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Evolution of Love to Divinity


Love is an evolutionary process. Love originates from ordinary consciousness and culminates in pure Oneness.


Love evolves through following stages:


Stage 1


You come across an attractive person of opposite sex. There is disturbance in your inner body-mind dynamics. A desire develops in you to interact, touch and possess the body of the person. This is lust, a play of hormone, interaction of one materiality with another in form of animate body of flesh.


Attribute of Stage 1


  1. Perception of intense thrill and ecstasy during physical interaction, though temporary. There are chances of lots of social hurdles, turbulence and engagements.
  2. This stage is a journey outside of your being.
  3. This stage gives you more bondage than freedom.


Now there are two possibilities. If you are fairly conscious, it may give you realization of conscious silence leading you to divinity. This is the quantum jump in Super-consciousness. This is the way of Lord Shiva of transforming into infinite.

But, if you are not so lucky enough and you are just unconscious, you will keep hankering for this hormonal thrill again and again.


Between these two extremities there is one more possibility. That is the stage of evolution of lust into divine love.


Stage 2


If the person of opposite sex with whom you interact is having some creative and aesthetic beauty and same elements are there in you too, this second option is more important, means if you have some intellectual, creative and aesthetic beauty in your mental constitution, you will enjoy just the feeling of being in love with the beautiful or handsome person of opposite sex. Feeling is more important than the person. Feeling is the fragrance, the essence of flower. Now you are in love with just the feeling of being in love. You have extracted the essence from flower. Abstraction is more important than physicality. Now to enjoy this feeling of love you are not dependant even on the person through whom the feeling of love was sparked in you, in your consciousness.


Attributes of Stage 2


  1. This stage 2 is better than stage 1. This is the poetic and creative realm of human consciousness.
  2. Gender discrimination is still relevant.
  3. Perception in stage 2 is not so physical and hormonal. You wish to caress the body than to consume it.
  4. When you tend to embrace the person or visualize to do so, you close your eyes and then you go inside of your being, not inside the being of the person whom you are making love with.
  5. This stage is the preparation of your inner journey.
  6. This stage gives you more freedom.
  7. When you go deeper in the experience of stage 2, the identity of the person with whom you think you are in love with, starts getting blurred. You are not in love with a persona; rather you are in love with virtues.


Stage 3


When you go deeper in the experience of stage 2, the identity of the person with whom you think you are in love with, totally disappear. You are not in love with a persona, rather you are in love outside, rather, you are in a field of love.


Attributes of stage 3


  1. Gender perception is totally lost.
  2. The person with whom you started your love, now totally disappears.
  3. You finally get established in yourself. This field of love is within you.
  4. You have now evolved to your higher self.
  5. This field of love is still finite and localized.


Stage 4


Now, when you mature in stage 3, the field of love starts expanding with your consciousness. You start having glimpse of your existence outside of your body-mind system.




  1. You start realizing divine bliss.
  2. You love isolation from worldly gathering, isolation even from the person who created the spark of love in you.
  3. You bliss keeps increasing day by day. You are marching towards God.


Stage 5


As you progress in stage 4, there comes a moment that this field of love becomes infinite. It comes out of space-time continuum. This field expands till infinite accommodating the whole infinite within itself. You get merged with the whole existence; the whole existence gets merged in you. You become God. God becomes you.




This is the realization of Ultimate Bliss, Ultimate of all ultimates. This is the ultimate evolution of consciousness. This is the state of Super-consciousness. Total peace, total serenity, complete tranquility. Ultimate Eternal Bliss.




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