Disillusioned and disheartened



Disillusioned and disheartened


Disillusioned and disheartened

with my all outside realities,

I can see limitations……

limitations of the world around,

limitations of society,

limitations of relationships,

limitations of money,

limitation of myself.


Limitations irritates me,

ignites and torments my mind.


I look for other avenues;


nowhere I find the wholesome contentment;

nothing nourishes my soul,

despite the fact that

my mind pulls me in myriad directions.


I get swept away;

my hormones keep me busy for some time;

but, very soon I realize limitations

and get disillusioned with all games of mind.


Finally, I am disheartened now,

completely tired and exhausted.


I close my eyes,

delve within and within,

within the within….



Oh, how miraculous this is…

I am at my core,

the whole cosmos is within myself;

each and every bit sparkles with magnificence,

radiates the glory of existence.


Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Mohammad

and the whole existence,

are merged in one unified reality.


Each and every bit of the existence

dances in bliss,

the Ultimate Bliss!



Copyright 2016 © Aaron Thomas (Swami Aaron)


Thank You,

Swami Aaron

(Dr. Aaron Thomas)

Psychotherapist | Author | Spiritual Master


Email: swami.aaron@gmail.com

Website: https://UltimateBliss.in




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  • Cosmic Psychology: Science of Consciousness & Bliss
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  • Dancing on the Last Threshold of the Universe
  • Journey of Speaking Silence
  • Ultimate Ecstasy
  • In Love with All Beautiful Women
  • In Love with Linda

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